Symbyo Project

The Symbiosis of individuality & interconnectedness

 The world is our classroom. Those who are able to travel know how transformative the experience is. The Symbyo Project is about more than travel, our students learn to create community while they learn to create change. We meet local, national and global challenges with real world solutions. We develop synergistic partnerships as we match each person's unique gift with a community in need. Through well-developed curriculum and ongoing support we nurture the individual student and their connection to the whole, honoring the importance of each part and the symbiosis when they overlap.

Guided by current graduation requirements, we amplify the intersection of core content and real-world application. Students practice, engage in and master 21st Century Skills including creativity & innovation, communication & collaboration, critical thinking, analyzing, reasoning and problem solving. We advance literacy in information, technology & media, encourage craftsmanship, leadership and entrepreneurship and empower young people to take initiative in education and life.  

Deeply involved in the imagining and planning of their own learning journey, students cultivate the ability to be both self-directed and adaptable, developing social skills while becoming accountable to themselves and others. By experiencing relevant and meaningful learning, connecting their heads, hearts and hands to their work and themselves to the world, our students gain a perspective which is invaluable in a global economy and world community